Over the last year many clubs will have applied for funding, not been successful and given up, or been successful but required partnership funding.

With traditional sports funders de-prioritising improvements to clubhouses, pavilions and changing facilities, or funders being over-subscribed, clubs are unable to find the funding they need to start/complete their project if they; don’t have existing funds, unable to raise the money they need through fundraising or unable to take the risk of re-paying a loan. Therefore where do you turn? One area clubs should certainly turn to is Landfill Funding

Where Does Funding for Landfill Projects Come from?

Under the Landfill Communities Fund, FCC Environment can voluntarily pass to Landfill Funders a percentage of its Landfill Tax bill for distribution to suitable projects. There are a number of Landfill funders that will fund sports capital projects. To qualify for their funding your club must be within a certain distance of an eligible landfill site. To view 5 of these and to check if you are eligible via the funders ‘Postcode Checker’ please see below;

Biffa Award Grants

The scheme offers grants to support improvements and access to local amenities such as a community building. To find out more click here;

Veolia Environmental Trust

This funding can help with the restoration and improvement of public amenities such as village halls and sports facilities etc. To find out more click here;

Viridor Credits

Viridor Credits provides funding for a huge range of projects such as the provision or maintenance of public amenities. In general, a project needs to be located within 10 miles of a landfill site. To find out more and to check if you are eligible for funding via Viridor Credits ‘Postcode Checker’ click here;


The provision, maintenance or improvement of a public park or other public amenity in the vicinity of a landfill site, such as multi-use games areas, recreation grounds, multi-purpose sports clubs etc. Clubs must be a CASC club to apply for WREN. To find out more click here;


Suez provides funds to not-for-profit organisations to undertake work that is eligible under the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF). To find out more click here;

Third Party Funding Requirements

As part of the monies voluntarily passed by FCC Environment, the Government only allows FCC Environment a 90% credit against this amount. In order to mitigate the losses incurred by participating in the Scheme FCC Environment (as a condition of providing Landfill funders with the funding)requires project applicants to secure the help of eligible ‘Third Parties’ who will reimburse them with an amount equal to around 10% of the cost of the funding committed. In addition to the level of the grant this also takes into account the automatic levy charged by the Funds’s regulator ENTRUST together with a proportion of the costs associated with administering the grant.

Who can be a Third Party Funder?

The key consideration regarding Third Party Funding is the term ‘Unique Benefit’. Simply, a contributing third party cannot gain any unique benefit from the project put forward for funding. Examples of organisations which can be contributing third parties are:

• Private Companies
• Public sector organisations- Local Authorities, County Councils
• Charities
• Voluntary organisations
• Private Donors
• A person who shares the benefits with others. For example, a member of club or a person who uses with others a clubs facilities.