The Community & Environment fund has been created to add benefit over and above committed mitigation and statutory compensation to communities along the route that are demonstrably disrupted by the construction of Phase One of HS2 from London to West Midlands, including Leicestershire.

Who can apply for funding?

Primarily this funding programme is targeted at the voluntary/community sector, including resident’s associations, constituted community groups, Community Interest Companies (CICs), social enterprises, community businesses and registered charities.

More information on eligible organisations is included in the guidance document.

The fund is not available for individuals, limited liability partnerships, private sector company/business or any organisation that cannot demonstrate appropriate governance.

Examples of suitable projects:

The below examples are purely illustrative and we welcome applications for any projects that will enhance the quality of life and the environment of communities disrupted by the construction of HS2.

  • Improved pedestrian, equestrian, or cycle access not provided under statutory services;
  • Landscape and nature conservation enhancement projects which increase biodiversity (including pop up interventions such as skip gardens);
  • Enhancement or replacement of sports and recreational facilities;
  • Improved access and enhancements to public open space;
  • Provision of enhanced or new community facilities; and
  • Refurbishment/re-use of historic buildings and monuments.

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