Leicestershire and Rutland Playing Fields Association offer loans of up to £5000 to eligible clubs across the region. Applicants must be in our area of geographical coverage and be current members of the PFA.

  • Applications will be considered up to a MAXIMUM OF £5,000 per application.
  • Repayment will be within a 5 year period with repayments of 20% of the original principle SUM being made annually on each anniversary until the amount is extinguished.
  • No interest will be charged as long as repayments are received in accordance with the arrangement.
  • The Leicestershire & Rutland Playing Fields Association however do reserve the right to charge interest at the nominal rate of 5% for the length of time that any payments remain overdue.
  • The borrower will have to show a secure tenure for the period of the loan.
  • Once agreed, a loan agreement form must be signed by the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer on behalf of the borrower.
  • Funds will only be released against production of invoices covering the agreed expenditure.
  • Total funds available to borrowers are limited by amount and as such may from time to time be temporarily unavailable.
  • All successful applicants must be members of the Leicestershire & Rutland Playing Fields Association.

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