Starter Grants

Leicestershire and Rutland Playing Fields Association currently offer small scale grants of up to £500 to eligible clubs across the region. Applicants must be in our area of geographical coverage and be current members of the PFA.

What can the grant be used for?

Grants can be used for anything that encourages new activities, new age or gender related teams, or opens up sport to anyone excluded. This might include buying equipment or kit, coaching course costs or starting a new sport or team at your club.

We also welcome new ways of encouraging a different group of people to take part in sport. However, the funding can’t be used for retrospectively or for existing projects, personal equipment and travel costs.

Is there a minimum or maximum grant?

There is no minimum amount that may be claimed so even small projects can be funded. However, LRPFA will not normally award more than £500, subject to a maximum of 50% of total project cost.

Who can apply for a grant?

Applications can only be made by members of the LRPFA. You also must be a properly constituted sports club or association that resides in Leicestershire or Rutland. New clubs are welcome to apply.

What is the application procedure?

Download Small Grants application form

Once, complete, please post to:

S09 The Atkins
Lower Bond Street
LE10 1QU

Or email to

  • Please note that payment of grant is subject to receipt of an appropriate invoice and proof of expenditure.
  • There should be no restriction on membership of the organisation or use of the equipment, other than payment of a reasonable subscription or charge for use.
  • The LRPFA will usually expect to disburse funds only once a project has been completed and will expect to receive photographic evidence demonstrating completion. The LRPFA may also wish to inspect the completed work.
  • In some cases an advance payment of a grant may be made to initiate a project, or whilst the project is in progress. In this case the FCC will pay the final balance only on completion. Where a project has been unreasonably delayed or abandoned, the FCC reserves the right to recall any disbursements made.

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